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Séminaire : Italian Renaissance technologies: praxis, texts, images

Publié le 11 octobre 2012 Mis à jour le 30 janvier 2014
le 24 mai 2013

Toulouse - Campus du Mirail
Maison de la Recherche salle C26

Michael Wyatt (Stanford University) : “Italian Renaissance technologies : praxis, texts, images”.

Michael Wyatt works at the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies on the cultural histories of Italy, England, and France in the early modern period. He is currently editing the interdisciplinary Cambridge Companion Guide to the Italian Renaissance, co-editing with Diego Pirillo (UC Berkeley) "Devils Incarnate or Saints Angelifide"? Anglo-Italian Transactions in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.

►Abstract of the lecture :
It is generally assumed that the ‘recuperation’ of the text of Vitruvius’s De architectura in the early fifteenth century was the watershed moment for the development of a specifically Renaissance response to technological innovations and architectural practices. But as important as Vitruvius proved to be in the period, his text had never entirely disappeared from view, and the problems it posed for Renaissance editors, translators, and interpreters were enormous. This talk will examine the complex interface of technological praxis and its representation both in texts – many of them literary in character – and images provoked by the renewed interest in Vitruvius. The resulting synergies had a significant impact on the development of a wide range of Renaissance technologies, buildings, and cities, demonstrating the interconnectedness in the period of disciplines such as philology, geometry and mathematics, natural philosophy, and the plastic arts.